Countermeasure Consulting Group has taken personal security training to the next level. A growing number of our clients have expressed a desire to experience these opportunities to learn about and use firearms for personal protection in a more private setting. These exclusive clients value their anonymity, confidentiality and time. Countermeasure respects their special requirements and need for individualized service. Our team of certified NRA and law enforcement instructors are available for in-home assessments to prepare emergency action plans, provide any of the training classes listed below as well as expert guidance regarding any firearm or security issue.  Our team is adept at working with all experience levels of clients including ladies.  Our firearm training division has successfully focused on “Ladies Only” training classes over the years with our female certified NRA staff instructor.

Regardless of your level of expertise with a firearm, Countermeasure’s instructors focus on safety at all times.  Notice the finger of the woman in the picture above. Where’s her finger? On the trigger. Where shouldn’t her finger be? On the trigger. Until? Until she’s ready to shoot.  Learn the rules, procedures and skills necessary to defend yourself and others from professional instructors not some wanna-be gunslingers.

In the realm of personal security there seems to be a real disconnect between “real world” training and the tactical bad-ass roll around on the ground shoot between your legs upside down and one handed training.  Most of us require “real world” training in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones in the event of a vicious attack or home invasion.  The ninja stuff is cool but we, as trainers, have to be focused on the training objectives that will prepare our clients to defend themselves. According to the R.E.A.L. doctrine (React, Evaluate, Act & Live) our goal, in a violent incident or event, is to Live or in other words survive.  Too many so-called experts focus on the fighting aspects of personal security; at Countermeasure we zero in on providing our clients the tools and training necessary to survive a life and death encounter at home or at the office.  Bad-asses and ninjas can do cartwheels and lay down suppressing fire while kitted up with their body armor and thigh rigs but in the real world most of us are going to be in khakis or our pajamas.  So let’s get real and look at what Countermeasure can do for you.

  • Basic firearm training
  • Starts at the beginning with safety through grip, stance, sight picture, trigger control and one on one range instruction using our equipment
  • Personal Protection Inside the Home
  • You’re in your bed and you hear glass break at 2 am; what do you do? This course will provide you with the information and hands-on training to prepare you for such an event.
  • Personal Protection Outside the Home
  • Are you planning to or do you already carry a firearm on your person for personal protection?  If so this is the class you need to take; you’ll learn key concepts of situational awareness, how to safely carry and draw a concealed firearm, what the law requires in order to defend yourself and what to do when the police arrive.
  • Advanced Defensive Handgun Training
  • This training provides our clients an opportunity to fine tune and practice their firearm skills with assistance from our staff trainers; holster options and selection, drawing from concealment, rapid fire, reloading under pressure and tips for accuracy.

Countermeasure exists to serve the needs of all our clients wherever they are located. Our team of professionals is ready to exceed your expectations and provide you the skills necessary to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Please contact Countermeasure’s Managing Partner, Bill Worth, directly at to discuss building a proposal to address your personal security needs.