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Police response to Active Shooter Events (ASE) have become standardized in the years following Columbine. Since the Columbine ASE, dozens of ASE’s have provided law enforcement with a dramatic learning curve on how to respond and deal with these scenarios. However, the preparation and threat mitigation planning to avoid ASE’s is not yet standardized. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), and various other federal law enforcement and non-governmental agencies have guidelines for ASE threat mitigation planning; however, these guidelines do not go far enough. We at Countermeasure Consulting Group, LLC have conducted countless security surveys and ASE threat mitigation planning at various venues to included: sprawling college campuses, large concert venues, and highly secured U.S government facilities. The following is what we have experienced.

You Can’t Buy Your Way to Security

Too often, venue owners, administrators, and managers falsely assume that the solution to providing a secure environment is by providing substantial funding to ASE planning and threat mitigation. No amount of funding can take the place of competent and thorough advice and consultation. Providing those responsible for security an increased budget for ASE threat planning and mitigation will not close any security gaps nor provides a secure environment. Venue owners, administrators, and managers must take an active role and determine what level of funding is appropriate for their situation. Alternatively, providing limited or no funding for ASE threat planning and mitigation can be extremely dangerous, making your venue vulnerable to an ASE. Following an ASE, numerous inquiries will be made by journalists, politicians, stock-holders, investors, the public, employees, and attorneys for future litigation proceedings. They will ask tough questions and will demand answers. It will be almost impossible to explain why you didn’t provide any ASE threat mitigation and planning funding after an ASE event has occurred.

You Can’t Hire Your Way to Security

A quick check of LinkedIn will reveal thousands of security experts. However, a closer examination will reveal that often these experts have little to no relevant experience in the planning, reduction, or mitigation of security threats. In addition, simply hiring someone with experience as a police officer, military, or as corporate security is often not enough.

Countermeasure Consulting Group, LLC is a veteran owned and operated company who appreciates the service of every member of the military and law enforcement community. However, when a company or organization is in the process of hiring someone responsible for security and active shooter threat mitigation, they should ensure the candidate has the appropriate background.

When hiring for security positions related to ASE threat planning and mitigation, a candidate should be asked the following questions:

  • How has your professional background prepared you for ASE threat planning and reduction?
  • How much research and or reading have you done concerning ASE’s?
  • How many security reviews and or security advances have you done for large events, venues or public gatherings?
  • How will you partner with our staff and or our community to ensure a safe working environment and help to reduce the likelihood of an ASE?
  • Can you provide a thorough explanation of the three components of every ASE’s? (They should know these: 1. the shooter, 2. the stimulus or triggering event and 3. the environment or location)

If they are unable to answer these questions successfully and thoroughly, do not hire them no matter their background and qualifications.

Security Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Recent ASEs show that anyone can assist and save lives. Everyday janitors, teachers, and secretaries have displayed acts of heroism to save the lives of others. Any ASE plan should emphasize that everyone can and should contribute to active shooter prevention and security. For example:

  • Employees and members of a venue community should be instructed to report anything out of the ordinary.
  • Everyone should be instructed to wear the appropriate credentials or identifications at all times.
  • Every employee or member of a venue or community should be part of the ASE plan and every employee should be taught Run, Hide, Fight, or a version of this appropriate to the venue community.

Take a Holistic Approach

Money and people are not the only components of an ASE plan. The most often overlooked component is the mental health component. Numerous past ASE’s have revealed a pattern of distinct behaviors exhibited by the shooter prior to the event. Employees and community members should be instructed on how to identify and report suspicious or worrisome behavior of others in their work or venue community settings.. Consider establishing a workplace violence prevention program in consultation with mental health professionals. In addition, employees and other venue community members should learn what constitutes threatening or worrisome behavior at work or venue community settings.


Active shooter events and targeted violence can never be fully predicted or eliminated. However, we at Countermeasure Consulting Group, LLC believe that the likelihood of an ASE occurring can be greatly reduced by taking a proactive approach to prevention and training. Providing the appropriate funding to an ASE plan, hiring the right people, providing training to employees, and incorporating aspects of mental health components to the ASE plan are all appropriate steps to planning and prevention. Don’t wait until an event occurs to implement an ASE plan. It will be too late.

Active Shooter Prevention Training Tips

Active Shooter Expert Provides Clarity for Media

Active Shooter Expert Provides Clarity for Media

Countermeasure Consulting Group, LLC

Effective methods to deal with and mitigate the risk associated with an active shooter or critical incident.

In the realm of Active Shooter planning, mitigation and response, there has been a tremendous focus placed on law enforcement and first responders: tactics, techniques and procedures for those answering the 911 calls.  While this an important aspect of an Active Shooter response plan, it is not an effective and holistic approach.  We should focus much more attention to educating and training civilians (or to use a better term; “the persons inside an event who are non law enforcement”) how to react should they be confronted with a hostile person focused on causing “their” death.  Just as the populace now knows what to do in the event of a fire alarm; the importance of wearing seat belts; or, to expect the presence of automatic external defibrillators, they must also be taught how to react if confronted by the Active Shooter.

It will continue to be a fact of life that police officers will always be there to pick up the pieces and write reports following an active shooter or critical incident.  But as the FBI report shows, the number of Active Shooter incidents in the past decade continues to rise.  Therefore, we need to teach people how to survive on their own, until law enforcement and emergency first responders can reach them.  Countermeasure Consulting Group, LLC took a huge step in that direction by researching, writing and producing a training video –  Superstes   - that quickly and effectively educates people on many aspects of Active Shooter identification and survival.  We believe that some instances, injury and death are preventable if only people knew how to identify the warning signs of a potential shooter.  Through consulting and free educational seminars, Countermeasure Consulting Group, LLC teaches that incidents are much more survivable if only potential victims were trained to react.  We like the phrase, “Just Say Go!”


In addition to our education and training efforts, we have also teamed with Cold Fire to design and produce active shooter kits for both civilian and law enforcement use.  These kits contain state-of-the-art first aid items, innovative door jams, communication devices and other items tailored to helping those caught in the crossfire of one of these horrific events.

Countermeasure Consulting Group will not discuss political issues such as gun control, because we do not believe that human nature’s “Operating System 1.0” has changed in thousands of years.  A deranged person using a bomb committed the largest, single school killing in the 20th Century.  In other words, we focus on human behavior instead of the instrumentalities by which bad people commit their crimes.  Therefore, to us, it is much more important to train people on how to spot potential threats and how to react should a physical threat arise no matter the situation.  Survival is more than just instinctive, it needs to be honed and trained for through behavioral modification suggestive messages.

Active Shooter Expert Provides Clarity for Media

Chris Grollnek & David Bolgiano #activeshooterexpert

Active Shooter Prevention is the focus of Countermeasure Consulting – the media has provided the moniker to us two years ago as we continue to define the realities of an event.  Contact us to schedule your site survey today.

The Civilian OODALoop for Active Shooter Training

The Civilian OODALoop for Active Shooter Training

This post has been read in several publications now and the request for a re-post has been overwhelming, enjoy…

Fighter Pilot Training for Active Shooter Prevention

Thinking Like a Fighter Pilot can Save Your Life in an Active Shooter Event or Critical Incident

Col John Boyd, an American fighter pilot, developed a theory called the “Combat Operations Process.” This theory involves the following actions: Observing, Orienting, Deciding, and Acting, or OODA. Boyd hypothesized that pilots in air combat constantly repeat a recurring cycle of observing, orienting, deciding and acting. Boyd believed that whoever can process this cycle and react the quickest would win the battle. He partly based his theory on two mathematical theories. The first was Godels Incompleteness Theorem, which states that any logical model of reality is incomplete and must be continuously refined and adapted because new observations are constantly being presented. The second was Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle which states that there is a limit on one’s ability to observe reality with precision. Boyd later further developed his theory and it became known as the OODA, or OODA loop. Boyd’s OODA loop has been applied to all sorts of endeavors outside of the military, and simply stated the OODA is a process by which an individual can defeat an adversary by outthinking his opponent and reacting quicker in an ever changing environment. How can Boyd’s OODA loop theory help save your life in the event of an Active Shooter?

An active shooter is already in the fourth step of Boyd’s OODA cycle. An active shooter has already likely begun to Observe their selected target prior to the act of violence. The active shooter has most likely spent time surveilling their target, noted the target location’s security protocols and procedures and become familiar with any regular day to day activities. The active shooter has most likely also made a plan based on the their observations, and has begun to Orient themselves according to their plan. During the orient phase, active shooters have probably made a decision on which weapons they think they will need, which entrances they will enter, and how they will deal with security. At some point, an active shooter will Decide that they will act on their observations and orientation, and they begin to take steps to further the plan.

Finally, the active shooter Acts, and begins to commit senseless violence. At this point, the active shooter is three steps ahead of you in the OODA cycle. So if an active shooter is already three steps ahead of you in the OODA cycle, is there anything you can do? YES! There are a couple of things you should do to catch up in the OODA cycle. First, take some time to Observe your surroundings at work, school, church, and in public. When at work, school, church or in public, take a few moments to find entrances, and exits. Try to pay particular attention to emergency entrances and exits. When in public places, try to notice who is around you, their behaviors, and take note of anything that you think is odd about them. In places you frequent like work, try to take note of the exits, especially emergency exits, daily or frequently.

Orient yourself and know how you can get to the exits from your desk, office space, or the hallways and bathrooms. Know where the fire alarms are, and locate potential shelter in place locations. These observations should only take a few seconds and require little effort. If nothing else, if gives you a break from a tedious 8 hour day.

After Observing your surroundings and Orienting yourself to them, Decide what you would do in the event of an active shooter. Take a few seconds and plan your shelter or escape. Ask yourself what would you do in the event of an emergency? How quickly could you get to the emergency exits? If you had to shelter in place, where would you do it? If you are with your family in a public place, where could you evacuate? Conducting these simple mental exercises takes only seconds. Soon, after running this mental drill over and over, it will become easier to do and it will be committed to memory.

Finally, once you have observed, oriented, and decided the only thing left to do will be to act. And in the event of an active shooter, or other emergency, observing, orienting and deciding in advance will put you ahead of the game, and could possibly save your life, or the life of your family. Conducting these simple exercises weekly, or monthly takes less time than updating your Facebook page or twitter account. It isn’t being paranoid, it is being prepared. So this New Year, make a resolution to think like a mathematician and a fighter pilot and resolve to out think a bad guy, and hopefully increase your chances of surviving a critical incident. Hopefully, none of us will ever be in an active shooter incident. But we owe to ourselves and our families to be prepared.

The Civilian OODALoop for Active Shooter Training

publication # 5478


Chris Grollnek and the Team at Countermeasure Consulting Group, LLC

Active Shooter Expert Chris Grollnek on 30 Minute Response to Victim at LAX

Active Shooter Expert Chris Grollnek on 30 Minute Response to Victim at LAX

Recent headlines report it took over 30 minutes for paramedics to reach TSA agent Gerardo Hernandez, after the shooting rampage at Los Angeles International Airport earlier this month. Those close to the situation blame a lack of coordination between the Los Angeles Police and Fire Department.  Active Shooter Expert Chris Grollnek says planning works only if it is a realistic option  Table top exercises are the answer as long as they are coordinated from an outside or consulting agency.  Insiders run the risk of “upsetting” their own decision makers and tend to get away from ostracizing themselves through pointing out defects.  We know that LAX just conducted police training with coordination efforts however; someone forgot the portion of addressing the other tangible issues.
On Friday, November 1, 2013, Paul Ciancia walked into Terminal 3 of the Los Angeles International Airport and opened fire with an assault rifle, specifically targeting TSA agents. His motive was detailed in a note later found in his duffel bag, criticizing their searches as unconstitutional and wanting to kill and stir fear in them. Ciancia shot and killed Hernandez at close range and wounded three others before being shot by police. Just 20-feet from an exit, paramedics were unable to reach the severely wounded Hernandez until the all-clear was given by police, more than 30 minutes after Hernandez was shot. By the time Hernandez was brought to paramedics waiting outside the terminal, he was under full cardiac arrest. Doctors at a local hospital were unable to revive him and an autopsy has yet to determine how quickly Hernandez died.
A statement issued by Los Angeles World Airports, the FBI, the Los Angeles Fire and Police Departments’, and the TSA stated they would be evaluating the incident response to determine what improvements can be made in regards to responding to a similar incident, if one should occur in the future.
Countermeasure Consulting Group, LLC assists businesses, academic institutions, and other organizations in the planning and mitigation of critical incidents through tabletop exercises. Providing detail oriented results to fit your organizations needs is our number one priority. Pre-planning for incidents prior to their occurrence mitigates unnecessary risk while teaching responding personnel what to expect and what responsibilities they hold. This type of preparation and training helps those involved develop a trained response that becomes automatic, breaking the “frozen” cycle during a critical incident. Time is truly of the essence in these situations, and the training provided by CCG can help quicken and sharpen the response time.

Active Shooter Expert Chris Grollnek on 30 Minute Response to Victim at LAX

Active Shooter Prevention Tabletop Exercise Training

Active Shooter Prevention Tabletop Exercises

Active Shooter Prevention Tabletop Exercises by Active Shooter Prevention Experts Chris Grollnek and Dave”Bo” Bolgiano

Press Release:  

Countermeasure Consulting Group, LLC

September 9, 2013 

Active Shooter Prevention Tabletop Exercise Training 

Active Shooter Prevention Tabletop Exercise Training

When seconds count, what’s your plan? – Tabletop Exercises & the Importance of Pre-Planning for a Company

Dallas, TX Preparedness is crucial for the vitality of businesses and corporations regardless of their size.

Active shooter prevention tabletop exercise training is vital to the planning and mitigation of critical incidents should one transpire. They represent a unique form of pre-planning that invites team members into an informal setting where they can discuss their ideas and roles. During tabletop exercises, individuals can chart an array of scenarios that allow them to analyze elements ranging from prevention and protection to response and recovery. Pre-planning in this manner reduces risk, teaches decisive actions, and prepares teams to response.

Both pre- and post-operational briefs are the most effective way to ensure the response to an emergency will be effective. Exercises are designed to engage threat assessment teams and prepare them to work as individual units in a collaborative effort while managing a hypothetical incident. These exercises ensure each member is knowledgeable of plans and allows the team to improve individual performance.  It also defines opportunities to build on current plans and uncover breaks that could impede the capabilities to respond to an actual event. By preparing teams of responders and employees of what to expect and what responsibilities they hold assists to inoculate those involved so the response becomes trained and automatic breaking the “frozen” cycle during incidents.  Time is truly of the essence in these situations.

Many of these sessions last a few hours and require little in the way of equipment, which makes them easy to perform at a low cost. Facilitators who understand security planning should lead the lesson because they can identify potential areas of concern and clarify roles of participants. Countermeasure Consulting Group, LLC has the resources to help your organization prepare and plan should an active shooter or workplace violence event occur. Providing detail oriented results to fit specifically to your organizations needs is our number one priority.

Active Shooter Prevention Tabletop Exercises by Active Shooter Prevention Experts Chris Grollnek and Dave”Bo” Bolgiano

September 9, 2013 Press Release:  Active Shooter Prevention Tabletop Exercise Training

By Chris Grollnek and Tawni Ichimura

Active Shooter Expert Discusses New Style of Attacks

Active Shooter Prevention Expert
Active Shooter Prevention Expert

Seven Dead in Active Shooter Rampage in Florida Apartment Complex

Active Shooter Expert Discusses New Style of Attacks

Apartment complex suffers arson, deliberate homicides transitioning into an active shooter, switching into a barricaded person that police take the life of to end the incident.  As the end result, that is rarely the best option to resolve an incident as SWAT takes their mission of preservation of life above most other solutions.  This situation pushed beyond normal boundaries and obviously gave no other option for the heroes that brought this incident to a close.

Active shooter expert discusses new style of attacks while teaching a course on the topic as a unique incident unfolded simultaneously.  This past weekend, Countermeasure Consulting Group, LLC (CCG) was teaching an unarmed active shooter prevention course when the news of  broke of a situation in Florida that stretched the boundaries of most fictional story lines. As an active shooter prevention expert and former SWAT officer, Chris Grollnek says this was one of the most challenging situations to decipher.  Reading this incident as a non involved party, several questions we raised via; “Monday Morning Quarterbacking!”  A day later, as more information broke and contacts close to the incident were contacted, we realized the situation was much worse then the article(s) lead readers to believe or comprehend.  Breaking this incident down into sections shows the dire nature of this specific situation.

As we (subject matter experts in the field of critical incidents with a focus on active shooter events) research and read after action reports of incidents of this magnitude, a disturbing trend is beginning to emerge.  The multiple attack portion is relevant but the pre planning and over the top impromptu decisive actions are generally on the side of the aggressor leaving the authorities on the short side of “catch up” via reaction intervals. Arson started this rampage as it evolved into an active shooter incident.  While authorities were responding within the 14-minute window of  the national average response time, this aggressor took advantage of that window to plan the next step of this decisive action.  As police were now turning to SWAT and Tactical Negotiation teams for the “better outcome” scenario, the incident turned into a much more volatile situation.  The aggressor had two hostages and a suicidal predetermined outcome planned out that continued to evolve as police were treating the situation as a a-typical barricaded person with hostages.  This demonstrates that fact that force is the only option to end an active shooters rampage as threats are meaningless.

There is no way to criticize the tactics of the department or its leaders as when in the middle of a critical incident a very standard threat matrix is followed for preservation of life while weighing options to save all involved.  The aggressor is always last in the priorities of life matrix but we as police sometimes try too hard to make the best call for the “best” outcome.  That is where these new style attacks are beating the traditional response(s).  Of course the police are damned one way or the other because no one can predict how these situations will play out.  The take away for this specific after action review should be train for these new style of attacks.  Active shooter incidents are near impossible to predict; but there are pre incident indicators (PII) we are using to assist corporations and institutions for mitigation and preservation of life techniques. These same PII’s could be reverse engineered for police response techniques and training for the behavioral side of response will assist in handicapping how an incident like this may evolve.  CCG is in the midst of researching and developing new techniques right now with authorities from many branches of experts.

Here is the synopsis of the incident written from several reports and inside information to the incident:

On Saturday, July 27, 2013 firefighters responded to a small apartment fire inside a South Florida apartment complex Friday evening, only to find themselves in the middle of an active shooter situation. When firefighters arrived around 6:30pm, they heard multiple gunshots and immediately called police to the scene.  Before officers arrived, the gunman managed to shoot and kill six victims. The gunman and police exchanged gunfire for almost five hours, moving in and out of units and hallways within an apartment complex that housed approximately 90 units.

A married couple who managed the building were among those killed initially. Reports state the couple ran towards the unit when they saw smoke coming out of it, and as they got closer the gunman came outside and shot them. The gunman then re-entered the burning apartment and went onto his fourth-story balcony were he fired at least 20 more shots into the street below, killing a man who had just arrived home from work. He then proceeded to kick down the apartment door where a family of three lived, shooting and killing them all. Eventually the gunman took two hostages and barricaded himself inside one of the units. He managed to hold police off for another three hours as officers tried to negotiate with the suspect. After negotiations fell apart, a SWAT team entered the apartment, killing the gunman and safely rescuing the two hostages inside.

The gunman would be later identified as Pedro Alberto Vargas, a 42-year-old male who lived with his mother at the apartment complex in Hialeah, Florida. Neighbors described Vargas as an individual who seemed lonely and anti-social. He carried little conversation with anyone as he came and went from his home. Those at a local gym that Vargas attended said they would see him in there working out very frequently. That he mostly worked out alone, sometimes for several hours at a time. One individual in particular stated that Vargas would vent his frustration to him occasionally, in reference to his bad experiences with women and losing all his hair from steroid use. Vargas told the individual that he came to the gym often in order to “keep him normal” and get out his anger. Vargas had no known criminal history and police described his past as “unremarkable.” Investigators continue to look for answers and have yet to determine an alleged motive for this deadly attack.

Chris Grollnek


Subject Matter Experts on Active Shooter Events

Chris Grollnek and Dave Bolgiano

Subject Matter Experts Chris Grollnek and Dave Bolgiano on “Active Shooter Events and Prevention”

Subject Matter Experts on Active Shooter Events

The following saying holds true in every situation, not just in sports, that your best offense is a good defense according to subject matter experts on active shooter events. According to Chris Grollnek and Dave Bolgiano (two of the leading experts in active shooter prevention); “in today’s society, small and large businesses need to be prepared for any potential threat or hazard to their business.” Not only is this an ethical part of doing business, it is required by law.  The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), requires employers to provide their employees with a place of employment that “is free from recognizable hazards that are causing or likely to cause death or serious harm to employees.” In other words, a business has a legal obligation to provide a workplace free of conditions or activities that either the employer or industry recognizes as hazardous and that cause, or are likely to cause, death or serious physical harm to employees when there is a feasible method to abate the hazard.

Recent court rulings throughout the country have allowed negligence suits filed by victims of Active Shooters to proceed against employers for failing to provide defensive training to their employees. Companies can no longer avoid their corporate responsibility to provide training on both how to spot potential active shooters and on how react if so confronted.

Subject matter experts all agree that companies must seriously consider individual, customized training to their specific needs and situations as related to workplace violence and active shooter prevention. ‘Wait and see’ and having a mindset of ‘it will never happen to me’ is no longer an option. Negligence to these types of situations is not acceptable, and those who choose to carry this “invincible” type of mindset are vulnerable and will be held liable if and when an active shooter event happens to them.

Countermeasure Consulting Group is the only Active Shooter Prevention service out there that offers companies customized training and mitigation techniques. If your business has yet to do anything to develop a plan or defense against the potential threat of an active shooter, please check out the variety of services offered by CCG, or feel free to contact us personally with any questions or concerns.

Subject Matter Experts on Active Shooter Events

by: Chris Grollnek and Dave Bolgiano

Article CCGLLC/20139754

Gunman Opened Fire in the Lobby of the New River Community College

Gunman Opened Fire in the Lobby of the New River Community College

The following illustrates an active shooter incident in which two unarmed security officers responded in a quick and decisive manner to mitigate the threat and minimize potential damage.

(Christiansburg, VA) On April 12, 2013, a gunman opened fire in the lobby of the New River Community College satellite campus, located inside the New River Valley Mall. Joshua Noakes, an on-duty mall security guard, was in his patrol car outside the mall when he saw a mass of individuals frantically running from the school. Shortly after, a call came over his radio notifying him of an active shooter inside the building. He quickly directed several faculty members and students to safety, attempting to keep everyone calm until law enforcement arrived. Meanwhile, James Gorman, the mall’s security director, happened to be at the mall on his day off when the shots broke out. His survival mindset and protective instincts took control when he confronted the suspect face-to-face, ordering him to drop his weapon and get on the ground. After a few very tense moments, the suspect surrendered, and the unarmed Gorman held the shooter down until police arrived.

The entire incident lasted less than 5 minutes. Only two people – both females – were wounded: one, a part-time employee; and, the other a student at the college. Police have yet to find a relationship between the shooter and two victims, leading investigators to believe that the two women were simply random targets of opportunity for the suspect.

The suspect, later identified as Neil MacInnes, was a student at New River Community College. He entered the school armed with a 12-gauge shotgun and variety of ammunition, firing off at least 9 shots before being confronted and stopped by the off-duty security director. MacInnes legally purchased the shotgun only two days prior to the incident. In addition, the suspect was linked to some messages posted to the online forum, 4chan, just minutes before the shooting. The posts advised readers to listen to the New River Valley Public Safety scanner and included the message, “Anyways this is not a high scores game but actually a lesson (that’s why I’m at school).” Additional reports stated that MacInnis had, prior to the incident, completed a 12-week course put on by the Christiansburg Police Department that gives citizens an overview of a typical day as a police officer.

Although the gunmen managed to wound two people, the quick and decisive actions taken by both security officers prevented the situation from becoming any more devastating. An untrained guard force, when exposed to these specific situations, can actually increase liabilities. Countermeasure Consulting Group offers training to both armed and unarmed security personnel.  Armed training consists of robust force-on-force training second-to-none using the same programs and training protocols used by elite special operations teams around the globe. Our unarmed training program both consciously and subliminally assists the guards to provide a safe and laddered approach to prevention and mitigation during an incident. It helps them assist your employees to escape emergent situations without actively engaging an armed subject. We know that we can increase survivability rates through teaching sound decision-making under stress.

Contact Countermeasure Consulting Group for more information on our Armed and/or Unarmed Security Team Active Shooter Prevention Training and how it can benefit your organization.



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Countermeasure Consulting Active Shooter Prevention Press Release

Countermeasure Consulting Active Shooter Prevention Press Release

Countermeasure Consulting Active Shooter Prevention Press Release

Leaders: the following press release was requested by a major news network earlier this week.  The information contained inside the release answers the majority of questions that we get daily from several corporate leaders responsible for these types of situations.  Are you responsible regarding mitigating risk against workplace violence and active shooter prevention training?  Countermeasure Consulting has a long history of and proven track record for mission success and risk mitigation though positive re-enforcement.  Having a solid track record staking our reputation on confidentiality of clients and procedures.  Visit us today and please enjoy the information and please feel free to contact us with any questions at

Click on the PDF for the full release and thank you for taking the time to pass along,

Very Respectfully,

Chris Grollnek

Managing Partner

Countermeasure Consulting Group, LLC

Countermeasure Consulting Active Shooter Prevention Press Release

Countermeasure Consulting Active Shooter Prevention Press Release, June 2013

Countermeasure Consulting Active Shooter Prevention Press Release, June 2013

Active Shooter Kills Four in WorkPlace Violence Rampage

Workplace Violence Active Shooter Event

Active Shooter Kills Four in WorkPlace Violence Rampage

Workplace Violence Active Shooter Event

Active Shooter Kills Four in WorkPlace Violence Rampage in St. Louis

On June 13, 2013,  another act of murder occurred in another active shooter workplace violence incident.  This time, the shooter took the lives of three people before killing himself. The police had no time to respond as the entire incident was over nearly as soon as it started.  The initial reports state that a male working with co-workers (2 women, and another male) broke out in a heated argument while working at the Cherokee Place Business Incubator.

Police said the shooter and three other people yet to be identified, were killed following a heated argument between the four when one of the men shot and killed the other three following the argument and then turned the gun on himself.  According to police sources, a semi automatic pistol was recovered at the scene.

The business development center in St. Louis is located in the 2700 block of Cherokee Street, south of downtown St. Louis. NBC station KSDK and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch both reported that the location is home to the Cherokee Place Business Incubator, which renovates buildings on the street and leases them as work spaces.

According to St. Louis Police Captain Michael Sack, the victims ages ranged from their 40′s to mid 50′s.

Countermeasure Consulting Group reports incidents like these to make the general public more aware of their daily situations.  Awareness and planning works to mitigate these troubling events which are trending in a more frequent rate.  These incidents demonstrate the need for any kind of training, to include the free video on our web-site but a video is not enough to curb behavior in sudden stressful situations.  

As the founder of Countermeasure Consulting Group, LLC, Chris Grollnek is considered one of the leading active shooter prevention experts.  Being involved in three active shooter incidents domestically, two as a police officer and one as a civilian (on vacation with his family) gives Grollnek the unique insight to how others act or fail to react in a critical incident.  Without knowing what a person will do in such incidents, training is the only way to work through that risk to ensure the appropriate response of an individual.  Doing something as simple as running for an exit in the opposite direction can be the difference between your life and escaping tragedy.  

“Its really a matter of training similar to instinctual knowledge of how to react to a fire or the smell of smoke.  The key is not to freeze or run to the fire, but instead, have a plan to escape and survive.”  As the managing partner for Frisco, TX based, Countermeasure Consulting Group, LLC, Grollnek’s team specializes in pre incident indicators to workplace violence and active shooter prevention strategies.  Offering training to the staff regarding their actions during a critical incident could mean the difference between preservation of life and managing risk(s).  Other services include policy and procedure technical writing and assisting in the requirements to meet OSHA’s standards for Emergency Action Plans.  

For more information contact us for a free sales review with a Countermeasure Consulting executive.  For more information go to their web site: