Countermeasure Consulting Group (CCG) is one of the only security companies in the United States that offer extensive advice on how to PREVENT violence before it happens. A lot of security companies only offer advice on physical security, or on how to respond once an incident has happened. They do not have the capability or experience to assist you in developing an effective Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

CCG personnel have extensive experience in developing EAPs. We have psychologists and other personnel on staff who have a thorough knowledge of how mental illness affects behavior, how to recognize the warning signs of mental illness in the workplace or other public environments, These insights must be part of an overall security plan. Other security companies only offer services related to physical security.


Countermeasure Consulting Group is the ONLY security company in the United States that offers this type de-escalation training. This training is crucial if you deal with the public and from time to time and sometimes confront angry, irate, or unsatisfied clientele.

DEAL is not hostage negotiation training. It is a method of dealing with angry individuals, specifically in the customer service realm, that usually causes both the client and customer to walk away from a situation feeling as if they won. This can be crucial in many circumstances because it can possibly prevent violence against you and your employees. DEAL can also assist you in keeping future business with clients because they leave a situation feeling satisfied about the situation and the interaction with your employee.


Countermeasure Consulting Group (CCG) is one of a few security companies in the U.S. that provide a Vunerability Assesement and Risk Study (VARS) for CEO, CFOs, high net worth individuals/executives, or facilities.  This study, a first of its kind in the security industry, examines the overall threat level of an individual or facility.  This threat level is determined using a variety of examinations and methods, and draws upon the vast expertise of CCG personnel.  It examines every possible threat, including open and closed source information, physical security, and internal and external threats.


Providing physical security for executives is not enough. A lot of security companies provide personnel for training or staffing for executive protection. However, these companies and personnel have limited expertise and exposure to conducting a thorough protective advance. Additionally, these companies do not understand the full scope of protective advances and planning and logistics components.

Countermeasure Consulting Group’s Subject Matter Experts SMEs have extensive experience in protective operations, specifically protective advances. We can provide training and insight for your executive protection team on how to conduct a thorough protective advance.


We have some of the most experienced investigators in the security industry. Our team of investigators has a wealth of experience conducting different types of criminal investigations. Our team has investigated international arms and WMD smuggling, trafficking in illicit goods, sexual misconduct and related crimes, crimes against children and child sexual slavery, homicide, and theft. We have experts on staff who have investigated and managed major international cases that directly affect U.S. national security.


A Countermeasure Consulting Group mobile team will travel to your location to observe, inspect and review your facility security preparations and procedures. Out team will meet with members of your Threat Assessment/Security Team, appropriate staff and management regarding the establishment and enhancement of emergency protocols.
The purpose of this process is to lessen the threat of active shooter situations within an organization’s respective operational/business units.

Three main areas to be addressed:

  • Active Shooter Prevention Training and Resources
  • Physical and Environmental Assets-Building and Property
  • Addressing the issue of an armed Active Shooter Response
    • Possible Deficiencies
    • Risk Management Solutions
    • Actions required for Implementing changes

The following prevention, training and mitigation topics will be discussed:

  • Basic active shooter mitigation training for all employees (i.e. pre-incident indicators, threat indicators, etc.)/li>
  • Review/revision of active shooter policy and procedures for prevention, incident, and post-incident response
  • Review of Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) to ensure an active shooter component is included
  • Review/development of an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) customized to include an active shooter section
  • Executive protection review