You Can’t Buy Your Way To Security

Too often, security professionals and company executives falsely assume that the solution to providing a secure environment is by providing substantial funding to Active Shooter Event (ASE) planning and threat mitigation. No amount of funding can take the place of thorough and competent advice and consultation. Simply providing those responsible for security an increased budget for ASE threat planning and mitigation will not close those security gaps. Every company must take an active role in the process.

You Can’t Hire Your Way To Security

A quick check of LinkedIn will reveal that there are thousands of security experts. However, a closer examination will reveal that often these experts are have little or no actual experience in security threat planning, reduction and mitigation. Hiring someone with experience as a police officer, military, or in corporate security is often not enough.

All Americans should be extremely proud of the service of all of our military and first responders. However, when a business or organization hires someone responsible for security they should ensure the candidate has an appropriate background.

When hiring for security positions related to Active Shooter Event (ASE) threat planning and reduction, a candidate should be asked the following questions. How has your professional background prepared you for ASE threat planning and reduction? How much research and or reading have you done concerning ASEs? How many security reviews and or security advances have you done for large events, venues or public gatherings? How will you partner with our staff and or our community to ensure a safe working environment and help to reduce the chances of an ASE? What mental health aspects relate to ASEs? Can you provide a thorough explanation of the three components of every ASEs (They should know these components: 1. the shooter 2. a stimulus or triggering event 3. the environment or location).  If they can’t answer these questions successfully and thoroughly, do not hire them. No matter their background and qualifications.

Security Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Recent Active Shooter Events (ASEs) have shown that anyone can assist and save lives during an incident. Janitors, teachers, professors and secretaries have shown heroism to save the lives others during an ASE. Any ASE plan should emphasize that everyone should and can contribute to security.  Everyone should be instructed to wear the appropriate credentials or identifications at all times. Every employee or member of your community should be part of the ASE plan and every employee should be taught how to react; that’s the service Countermeasure provides. At the heart of it all the Countermeasure team members are teachers.