Site Assessment

A Countermeasure Consulting Group mobile team will travel to your location to observe, inspect and review your facility security preparations and procedures. Our team will meet with members of your Threat Assessment/Security Team, appropriate staff and management regarding the establishment and enhancement of emergency protocols.


Employee + Executive Training

CCG has SMEs on staff that can travel to your location and provide a custom training platform.  CCG can provide training in DEAL, Executive Protection, Executive Protective advances, armed active shooter/assailant responses, or in advanced security tactics, techniques and procedures.

Business security

Threat Assessment

CCG can study the threat on a CEO, high net worth individual, or facility. CCG will then issue a Vulnerability Assesement and Risk Study (VARS) executive summary that will examine any potential threat. We thoroughly investigate every angle – databases, people, and more – to ensure security.

“In the Event of an Active Shooter”

The React – Escape – Survive training program grew out of the passion of the experts featured in the video. They invested their time and expertise to create the most insightful Active Assailant Training program available anywhere. Due to the recent horrific episodes of active assailant attacks on our schools, businesses and churches we have elected to offer these seven video training modules to you at No Charge. Your safety is more important to us than a few dollars. If you find these modules to be useful and insightful then please contact Countermeasure Consulting to discuss the next steps for you and your organization. We are poised and ready to enhance your security.

Countermeasure Consulting has created a questionnaire packet designed to insure comprehension and to verify compliance of employees or others in regards to the React video. Please contact us for more information.

“When Seconds Count…Training is Key.”

React – Escape – Survive

Watch the free video training below! Click the “play” button to begin the seven part playlist.